About the Author...

Emily Lavin Leverett was born and raised in Bakersfield California, moved to Columbus, Ohio for graduate school, and then landed in North Carolina where she is an English professor with a specialization in medieval English literature.

Since she was small, Emily was fascinated by the fantastic, reading authors like C.S. Lewis and Edward Gorey as a child and moving on to Steven King, Dean Koontz, and Clive Barker as she got older. As a teenager and college student, she created fantasy worlds filled with vampires, ghosts, were-creatures, and the occasional god or faerie. However, writing the stories down didn't occur to her until she met co-author Sarah Joy Adams, her colleague and fellow medievalist in graduate school. One late night, exhausted and punch drunk from too much Latin, they decided to tell the story of a changeling woman whose study of medieval literature does little to help her once she finds herself in the Winter Court. This was the beginning of Changeling's Fall, book one of the Eisteddfod Chronicles.

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Much earlier in her life, Emily developed a love of editing. She worked on the editorial staff of literary magazines in both high school and college. Her first professional editing experience was for a small erotica press where she learned how important clarity is in action scenes. She joined forces with John G. Hartness for the first time to co-edit two anthologies, the Big Bad and the Big Bad Two. With Misty Massey and Margaret McGraw she co-edited two weird westerns: Tales from the Weird Wild West and Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier.

After her graduation from Claremont McKenna College, her interest in the fantastic and in reading led her to graduate school at the Ohio State University. She began graduate work studying the Renaissance--particularly drama--for her Master's degree, but was pulled backward in time by the Middle Ages, ultimately settling on a study of medieval English romance for her PhD. Currently she studies medievalism--the medieval retold in a later time. Her current work is on the appearance of medieval romance in Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels.

She still loves reading, and tries to read at least a few pages for pleasure every night, though her choices have expanded to include all kinds of fiction and non-fiction. She, along with her spouse, are devoted Carolina Hurricanes hockey fans, and live with their three cats, Theo, Frank, and Gordie, pictured here.