Emily is…

… a writer, editor, and English professor, in equal parts.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, she moved to Ohio to get her PhD in Medieval English literature in 1998. There, she found a love of medieval English Romance and rekindled her love of writing. It was also during her time at the Ohio State University that she met Sarah Joy Adams, a fellow medievalist and eventual co-author of the Eisteddfod Chronicles.

The Eisteddfod Chronicles tell the story of Deor Smithfield, a modern-day woman who travels to the Winter Court of the Fay to find her faerie father, and Rafe, Lord Farringdon, the Sword of Peace and Justice who would do anything, including sacrificing his happiness and his life, to protect the king he loves like a father. As politics and intrigue threaten both their lives, they must come together, not just to save themselves, but to save the whole Winter Court.

Along the way to getting her PhD and becoming a fiction writer, Emily also stumbled into editing, first taking a job editing erotica, and then working with John G. Hartness to edit The Big Bad and The Big Bad II, a short story collection that put the villains center stage. From there, she worked on two successful weird western anthologies, the Weird Wild West and Lawless Lands with Misty Massey and Margaret McGraw. Emily will join forces with Margaret again, for the most recent anthology, Predators in Petticoats. This anthology (subs are open now!) focuses on females predators of all kinds.

Finally, Emily’s scholarship focuses on medieval English romance: tales of knights and ladies, kings and queens, monsters and fairies—with quests and battles, true love and villainy, everything that makes fantasy wonderful. Early publications focused on crusade romances like The Siege of Jerusalem and Richard Coer de Lyon. Her current scholarship examines the links between medieval romance and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, one of the most famous and successful of all modern fantasy.

Outside of her work as a teacher, scholar, editor, and writer, she enjoys comedy in film and television, and occasionally live. She is an avid Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan, along with her spouse. Finally, she is the owner of three precious rambunctious cats, rambunctious cats who keep her on her toes.

Frank, looking how I feel most of the time.

Frank, looking how I feel most of the time.


The Eisteddfod Chronicles

  • Changeling’s Fall

  • Winter’s Heir

  • Traitor’s Spring

Edited Anthologies

  • Predators in Petticoats (coming soon!)

  • Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier

  • Tales from the Weird Wild West

  • The Big Bad and the Big Bad II

Recent Short Stories

  • “Only the Young Die Good” in Tales from the Old Black Ambulance

  • “The Last Two People on Earth” in Athena’s Daughters II

  • “The Circus” in Cinched

Gordie in the Halloween house, and Theo on top. (They are, in fact, named after hockey legends Gordie Howe and Theo Flurry.)

Gordie in the Halloween house, and Theo on top. (They are, in fact, named after hockey legends Gordie Howe and Theo Flurry.)